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Elmwood Custom Goods LLC

  • Elmwood Custom Goods LLC is a woodworking company local to central Ohio serving the need for custom furniture and cabinetry. We work with home owners, designers and constructors in the Central Ohio area to complete design concept custom furniture and cabinetry.
  • Elmwood Custom Goods LLC are The Shiplap Guys! Shiplap is a revitalized wall covering technique made popular again by home renovation shows. Elmwood Custom Goods LLC has perfected the art of installing shiplap. With Shiplap’s rustic look, it fits into new design techniques for home and office renovations.

Elmwood Custom Goods LLC is able to complete a wide range of styles and projects. We specialize in in the following design techniques;

  • Rustic – This is a design method in furniture and architecture that utilizes the natural look of wood. For example a live edge wood countertop or a wood timber mantel would be considered Rustic Design.
  • Primitive – Can also be referred to as country style is a type of design that dates back to the 1700s. Farmers would build their own furniture with materials they had on hand. Often this design technique has simple colors and an aged look.
  • Industrial – This is an architectural design method that brings the look of old factories into a modern space. Elmwood Custom Goods LLC has designed and built Industrial Furniture which brought steel components with reclaimed lumber into a new corporate office.
  • Reclaimed Lumber – Reclaimed Lumber is not a design technique, but a construction technique. Elmwood Custom Goods LLC has perfected the art of taking reclaimed lumber and straightening the board for a tight fit. Reclaimed lumber has a great look when installed to a space. See our gallery for Reclaimed Lumber projects.


What can we make for you?

  • Tell us a little bit about your project and how we can contact you to discuss. We are excited to get started!
  • Please check out our gallery page for completed projects. Also check out our online store for new items available for purchase.