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The Elmwood Story


Like many small businesses, Elmwood Custom Goods was born out of necessity. One day I realized I needed a desk for school work. After looking at prices I decided I could probably build one myself for less than buying one at a store. My dad taught me how to use tools so I figured it would be fun. That first piece certainly wasn’t much to look at but it did way more than provide a flat work surface; it created a growing passion in me for making things with my hands. I was soon making things for family and friends and loving it!

Somewhere along the line I met a few guys that had the same interests as me and wanted to be a part of a business where they could create things they could be proud of. After a few hangouts in the shop Elmwood Custom Goods was born.

The name came from a few things; Elms was my grandfather’s last name. He was also a woodworker and I still use many of his tools. The “wood” part should be pretty obvious… Every piece that leaves our shop has to meet standards that my old world craftsman grandfather would be proud of. We hope to make the phrase “they don’t make them like they used to” a thing of the past.

-Chris Salih,  Founder


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