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The Elmwood Story

Like many small businesses, Elmwood Custom Goods was born out of necessity. One day Chris realized that he needed a desk for school work. After looking at prices he decided he could probably build one himself for less than buying one at a store. That first piece certainly wasn’t much to look at but it did way more than provide a flat work surface; it created a growing passion in Chris for making things with his hands. He was soon making things for family and friends and loving it. Fast forward a few years and Chris met Nick. Nick shared similar passions but had a keen eye for what running a business looked like. After a few hangouts in the shop Elmwood Custom Goods was born. The name came from a few things; Elms was Chris’ grandfather’s last name who was also a woodworker. The “wood” part should be pretty obvious…


What we do

We are passionate about providing quality handmade products that make your home or workplace more functional and inviting. We offer a full line of production pieces, fully custom designs and installed goods like shiplap or space-specific storage solutions. We love to work with people to see their dreams of more comfortable and stylish living come to life. We would love the opportunity to work with you on making your home a place you can be proud of at a cost you can afford.


Who we are


Chris Salih – President

Elmwood Custom Goods LLC is the brain child of president and founder Chris Salih. It was Chris’s passion to work with his hands and to create a piece that someone could enjoy.

After spending time in his shop, it didn’t take long for word to get out. Focusing on high quality woodworking, Chris was able to produce high end pieces for reasonable prices, a practice that still is utilized by Elmwood Custom Goods LLC.



Nick Pribonic – Vice President

Woodworking was more than a hobby for Nick. Coming from a background in construction Nick was able to work with his hands on many different projects. With the passion growing to continue in woodworking, Nick teamed up with Chris in 2015. In 2016 Elmwood Custom Goods LLC was created, servicing the central Ohio market for custom furniture and cabinetry.

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