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Bench Seats, Columbus, Ohio

Bench Seats, Columbus, Ohio

Bench Seats Columbus, Ohio

Elmwood Custom Goods designed, built and installed these bench seats for local Columbus, Ohio homeowners

Do you have a part of your home that you are not sure what to do with? Let Elmwood Custom Goods Help!

Elmwood Custom Goods is able to come into your space, listen to your creative ideas and turn them into reality. Through direction and design Elmwood Custom goods has been able to be vision to reality with these projects.

  • Kitchen Table Bench Seat – This homeowner in Downtown Columbus has a dining room that does not have enough space the chairs the whole way around the dining table. After reviewing the needs of the homeowner and discussing designs. Elmwood was able to design a product for the homeowner’s approval. Along with the needed bench seating the homeowner also needed and dining table to go along with the bench seat. Elmwood carefully matched the dining table and bench seat and finished constructed the pieces in their Columbus, Ohio shop. The installation took only 1 – evening and the homeowners space was kept clean
  • Built in Bench Seat – This homeowner in North Columbus had a unique space at the head of the kitchen table and between their kitchen cabinets and the wall. After measuring this area and discussing the needs of the homeowner, Elmwood was able to provide a design that matched the description, design and storage needs for this homeowner. With the design complete and approved construction took only a few days. This install took no time at all and this homeowner’s kitchen and living room was kept clean along the way.

Whether in your home, office, restaurant or retail store let Elmwood Custom Goods help you. Elmwood can provide a design with any project or idea you might have. Just one question – What can we build for you?

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