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Barn Door

Barn Door

Elmwood Custom Goods designed, built and installed this barn door for a local Columbus, Ohio homeowner.


Like many projects, this one started with the desire for a better functioning space. The customer here in Columbus had an existing room in their house that they wanted to be closed off. The room opening did not have the ability to fit a traditional door, so the homeowners came to us with the idea of a barn door instead.


We got to work on the design right away. The door had to be study and large enough to cover the four foot opening. Once the design was approved by the homeowners, we purchased the material and constructed it from scratch. The final step before installation was to stain the barn door to match the existing wood finishes already in the home.


The most challenging part about this installation was carrying the two hundred pound barn door up one flight of stairs, around a corner and to the end of the hallway. After the door was upstairs, installation went off without a hitch. It took us approximately 2 hours to lay out the studs, fasten the support, hang the door, and make final adjustments.


We always strive to make our customers happy and deliver the results they want to see. Receiving the following note from the customer made our day.


I am so EXTREMELY grateful for your hard work and AMAZING results on this Barn Door!!

You are both so talented!!!

Can’t thank you enough!!! We will share and refer your company with others as well.

Thank you dearly.


Whether in your home, office, restaurant or retail store let Elmwood Custom Goods help you. Elmwood will provide a design with any idea you might have. Just one question – What can we build for you?

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