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Shiplap Columbus, Ohio

Shiplap Columbus, Ohio

Shiplap Columbus, Ohio

         Elmwood Custom Goods manufactured, finished and installed this shiplap for a customer in North Columbus, Ohio who was looking for something unique above their existing fireplace. The shiplap needed to be installed from the top of their existing mantel to the sloped ceiling, which presented a unique challenge that we prepared for prior to the installation by visiting the home and getting solid measurements.

         After getting measurements we provided the customer with color samples and scheduled the install date. Before the installation we hand cut and finished every piece of the shiplap in our Columbus, Ohio shop. On the day of the installation we worked with the homeowner to set up, layout and keep the living space clean. We set up our equipment outside and used dust collection to contain the mess the cutting would create.

         Once everything was set up and ready to go, it took no time at all for us to complete the installation. Every piece was carefully cut and face-nailed into place. At the sloped ceiling we took the time to make a template to insure the final piece would fit perfectly and look great. After installation we cleaned up all the debris outside, vacuumed the work area inside and assisted the customer in placing furniture back that was relocated for the duration of the installation.

         Elmwood Custom Goods has completed several shiplap projects inside customer homes and it is always important to us to provide a quality product and ensure a safe and clean environment is maintained throughout the process.

         Whether it’s your home, office, restaurant or retail store, let Elmwood Custom Goods provide you with a custom piece or wall covering to make your space more functional and pleasing to the eye. We can provide a design for any project or idea you might have. What can we make for you?

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